How to Get Traffic To Your Site For Free

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If you run a business, then you understand the importance of online visibility and a good web presence. Regardless of whether it is a startup business or a large company, the use of internet marketing is vital in taking a business to the next level of success by reaching a wider audience. One of the best ways to be visible online is through a website. small_5861614  A website is useless without traffic. With that said, you need all the free tools you can get your hands on to drive traffic to your website for free. Here are some of those tools:

1. Social Media Platforms
The best way to start when trying to increase the clicks on your website is to first focus on friends and family. These are the people you will find on social media sites. A lot of people are using social media platforms to connect and using these channels to market your website can greatly improve the traffic. The good thing is that most of these social sites have a large following and provide free tools that a business can use to direct their friends and followers to a website. If you plan your social media marketing well, users will share your links with their friends and this will only get better for your website traffic.

2. Guest Blogging
There are many websites that will allow you to blog on their sites in exchange for a link to your site. This is a great way to attract more targeted traffic as people who will be visiting your site by clicking on the link will have interest in what you have to offer. You should start by first finding a blog that is relevant to your niche and allows guest blogging. You should then proceed to write something interesting for their audience according to their guidelines.

3. Forums
By participating in forums, you can get a great amount of free traffic to your site. This calls for a search for relevant forums that discuss about things related to your business, products or services. Keep in mind that this does not involve posting your link every time as this might make you appear like a spammer. Attract attention by simply contributing and trying to solve any problems presented by other users. After offering advice or airing your opinion, use a link to your site as your signature. People who are interested in the topic will most likely click on that link for more information.

4.Blog Comments
This is much similar to the comments on forums only that you will be doing it on blogs. This is an easy way to take your website where people are already interested in a topic. Make sure the blogs you choose are related to your business and what you deal with. Commenting on a number of blogs will actually increase the chances that people will see and click on the link you have posted together with the useful comment.

5. Article Writing
Writing articles is one of the free ways you can take advantage of when trying to drive traffic to your website without necessarily spending a fortune. The rules of writing articles that you can use to put your website link in are all related to content. Remember content is king and whatever you write should be interesting and make people want to click on the link for more information on the topic or actually for a purchase. Come up with topics and titles that are easily visible. Research on the most popular types of articles and write compelling content.

6. Make A Video
A lot of people will choose a video over any other type of information presentation. For this reason, you should incorporate videos in your campaign to drive more traffic to your website. Just like in writing, you need to create a video that your audience can find useful. Include the link to your website on the description and if your video is interesting enough, the viewers will want to click on the link.

7. Proper SEO
This is a vast topic and actually needs an article of its own. The best way to get more traffic to your site is through proper search engine optimization. Use all white hat SEO strategies to propel your website up the ranks and this will greatly improve your visibility. Keep in mind that most users will only visit the top websites that appear on the search engine result pages. This means that if you are not there, you are losing a lot of traffic most probably to your direct competitor. Use relevant keywords in your website content, titles, meta descriptions, and combine this with other SEO practices.

Starting on these strategies to drive free traffic to your website is the easy part. You will need to keep doing it to maintain the high traffic. After everything has been said, you can now go ahead and start taking advantage of all these channels.

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