How to Find the Right Type of Ceiling Tiles for Your Office

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In the modern scenario, office interior matters a lot. A good interior can make your office a good workplace, along with attracting new clients.

Now, apart from furnishing, several other components make up the office interior and aesthetics. One of them being ceiling tiles or ceiling panels.

Ceiling tiles can bring about the professional look of your office, along with several added benefits.

In this article, we will talk about what are ceiling tiles, their types, and factors to consider before choosing them from a ceiling tiles online store.

What is Ceiling Tiles?

Ceiling tiles, also known as ceiling panels or suspended ceiling for covering the ceiling and giving it an elegant look.

Additionally, they provide insulation to your office by maintaining a cool temperature.

However, most of the time, they are used for styling and aesthetics.

Types of Ceiling Tiles: A Quick Overview

In order to choose proper ceiling tiles, you should know about their types and what qualities they offer.

  • Acoustical Tile – The first type of ceiling tile is the acoustical tile. As the name suggests, it is something related to sound or ‘acoustics’. Fiberglass is used to make acoustical tiles. Hence, these tiles are excellent if you wish to soundproof your cabin or office. Additionally, these tiles are also made up of insulating material. This can help in keeping the temperature pleasant and optimum. If you wish to install them, we suggest giving a quick call to a professional.
  • Tin Tile – If you’re willing to give your office ceiling a colorful twist, then the tin tile is a great option. Such tiles are often made up of aluminum, copper, and brass. Additionally, they have a floral or vine pattern that can make your office look vibrant.
  • Plastic Tiles – If you do not wish to spend exorbitantly on ceiling tiles, then plastic tiles are a great idea. These tiles are lightweight and do not cost a lot. Also, plastic tiles are available in various patterns and designs. So, you have full freedom to match it up with your interior effortlessly.
  • Cork Tiles – The last major type of ceiling tiles is the cork tiles. These tiles are preferable if you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative and want to reduce the overall carbon footprint.

These tiles have fire-resistance, water-resistance, and sound-resistance qualities and thus, are versatile.

So, as per your requirements, choose any one type of ceiling tiles, and go ahead with it!

Things to Consider Before Choosing Ceiling Tiles

Certain things we recommend considering before choosing any type of ceiling tiles are:

  • The Installation Process – It is important to know how much time it will take to install the ceiling tiles properly. If you’re in a hurry, then avoid going for tiles that have an extended process of installation.
  • Tile Shape and Size – Symmetry matters. So, it is important to see if the shape and size to suit the overall layout of your office.  If your office is compact, using large rectangular tiles can make it look a little weird. On the other hand, using square tiles may make the ceiling look more symmetrical and even.
  • Fixtures – You should also consider the number of fixtures, be it light or fan, you want to get installed in the ceiling. These fixtures should not damage the overall look or durability of the ceiling tiles.
  • Reparation and Replacement – Suppose you wish to replace just one ceiling tile instead of all the others. The ceiling tiles should have the ease and flexibility to allow reparation and replacement in the future.

Final Words

In the end, the decision of choosing the right type of ceiling tiles falls upon you. However, you can always ask an expert or professional to assist you with this.

So, go ahead, check out those ceiling tiles, and amplify the elegance of your office!

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