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Formerly Male-Dominated Industries Where Women Are Making Waves

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Women have been thriving in the world of business for years now, and it has been great to see. As more and more women entrepreneurs, CEOs and administrators enter the world of business, so too are expanding the different industries they choose to work in. Industries that used to be solely composed of men are now welcoming women into their ranks, and business is definitely the better for it! Women have proven themselves to be adept leaders, savvy negotiators and excellent bosses in every industry they choose to make a career.

Here are just a few of the fields where we’re seeing more and more women, where industry continues to grow as a result…


You might say, “Women have been nurses and even doctors forever”, and that’s true. But one area of the medical field was primarily male-dominated for decades, and is now seeing a surge in female talent: the business side of the medical field. More and more women are taking positions as administrators, managers, board members, becoming the CEO or President of hospitals, and more. Women are proving to be incredibly proficient at these types of jobs and are rising quickly in the ranks.

The Oil/Gas Industry

This is definitely a career path previously assumed was just for men. But that is the case no longer. More and more women are choosing careers in the oil industry, for reasons beyond just the good pay. The UK Oil Industry, for example, is actively recruiting thousands of job seekers, including a huge number of women, for positions all over the field, including security, data, science, and with these jobs comes employment for oil and gas suppliers, as well as demand for oil and gas production equipment, of which much will be supplied by women. Oil industry experts project that a huge number of women will be employed in this industry within just a few short years.

Economic Jobs

We’re seeing a huge surge of female-led accounting and auditing firms, and more female economics professors as well. Women are beginning to dominate economics, maths and number-crunching jobs like never before. Related jobs such as claims adjusters and statistics jobs are also seeing more women join their ranks.


Women are joining the insurance jobs – health insurance, car insurance, and more – in record numbers. Many female-driven careers include the insurance/claims adjusters mentioned above, but also other jobs including underwriters and even CEOs in various insurance fields.


This is another career that used to be primarily dominated by men just a few short decades ago. Now, that number is about fifty/fifty. Many women choose to go into veterinary medicine and studies show that women make compassionate, thorough and caring vets. Women are opening their own veterinary practices in record numbers all around the country.

Women are taking the business world by storm, entering the business arena in multiple different avenues and experiencing unprecedented success no matter the career path they choose.

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