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Home Office Decor Ideas Proven to Make You More Productive

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Remote work has been on the rise since the pandemic began. When people were told to stay at home, it also meant bringing their work to their homes. While most people were okay with using their dining table or a spare desk in the corner of their room to do their job at first, as time went by, many realized that they needed their own home office to have a clear line between their work and home lives.

Recent studies show that having a place in your home dedicated to working can significantly affect your productivity and overall work attitude. However, having to set up your own home office may bring in a couple of challenges.

Where to start?

First, clear out all the clutter. Β Toss small items, or better yet, donate them. Β Enlist in the services of a company like WE JUNK for removing large, bulky items.

Consider painting your walls a pale shade of blue-green. Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin found that people perform tasks better and more accurately in a room with pale blue-green walls.

Bringing nature into your home office is also a proven way to significantly increase productivity. No matter where you live, there are options to work with. Whether it’s setting up your home office by an overlooking window or hanging photographs of nature and getting a plant or two, being surrounded by nature will help improve your concentration and mood throughout the day.

Many remote workers complain about body pains, usually in their lower back or neck. So if you’re still using an old chair for your home office, you may want to consider getting an ergonomic office chair. Studies show that participants who used ergonomic chairs (and performed neck exercises) had better overall health among a general population of office workers.

If you’re looking for ideas to make your home office conducive for work and productivity, this infographic can help you decide what to get!


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