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How AI Is Changing the Nature of Digital Media

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We live in strange and unprecedented times. We are witnessing the growth of AI as a true force, extending its influence into all manner of industries and facets of life. Nowhere is this more keenly felt than in the sphere of digital media. Here, we’re going to look at some of the ways that AI has already made an impact, and how it promises to extend its influence even further.

In the World of Art

If you want to see how AI has already become pervasive, just take a look at the Google Image results pages for almost any entry, especially if you’re looking for art or aesthetic results. AI-generated images are appearing more and more frequently in searches, on social media, and just about anywhere that art was previously gathered. This has led to some sites outright banning the use of AI, as the conflict between AI and artists remains strong.

In the World of Videogames

Game development in the internet era has already seen its fair share of changes, but the biggest and boldest could be around the corner. Generative AI content and systems are already being experimented with in many games, but now, big publishers such as Square-Enix are putting their weight behind the technology, intending to use it to alleviate the burden on teams, such as by using it to create the visual assets that might otherwise take hours upon hours to create, which could also shorten the time it takes to develop a top-of-the-line new release.

In the World of News

How AI and information intersect is one of the most delicate topics of all, as there are many valid fears that AI-generated misinformation, including deep fakes and the like, will become more common in the future. However, other sites that are reporting on the latest news provide a model of how to do it going ahead, by using real writers to curate, add context, and correct information provided by AI. In time, the increasing sophistication of AI tools might render this less necessary, but it provides an example of what can be done to ensure high-quality news is always a priority.

In the World of Storytelling

Storytelling might seem like one of the most human-driven exercises possible. Birthing worlds, characters, and ideas from the imagination might have seemed inimitable only a few years ago, but already there are tools like Squibler that have been popping up that can do everything from solving common writing problems like plot holes and a lack of progression to coming up with plot elements and ideas entirely from scratch. Even if humans are still at the helm, using their own inspiration when it strikes, it won’t be surprising to find many writers relying on AI tools to help them along, even if they won’t admit it.

The increasing reliance on and use of AI is far from an uncontentious issue, but at this point, it is clear that it will be playing a more involved role in our lives, so it’s up to us to shape how that relationship works.

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