How Can Facebook Help Your Local Business Grow, Part 1

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There are numerous ways that Facebook can boost your business’ growth. You just have to remember that proper planning and execution are important for this to be successful.

Facebook can drive more traffic to your business website.

This is where you benefit from the fans of your Facebook business fanpage. You can easily direct all of them to your website by posting content you have online like articles, videos, photos, blog posts, etc. By putting keywords on your posts, you will be able to build more backlinks to your website. This will help improve your search engine ranking.

Steer more traffic to your actual store.

By posting coupons, sale events, and discount deals on your Facebook fanpage, you are luring more people to go to your store and redeem these offers. You can also use the Facebook location app and other “check-in” apps to generate more traffic. Since those who will “check-in” in your actual store will post this on their Facebook account, their friends will immediately see your company name and location. You will get free marketing and publicity with this since you will be able to reach more and your customers will do the posting.

You can increase the number of repeat customers.

Facebook can help you interact with customers again and again. Your business fanpage’s fans most likely follow your page for a reason – they believe in your product or service. By continuously satisfying them with new updates, they will likely patronize your business more and more.

Get new clients more through your fans’ friends.

If you keep your customers satisfied, they are likely to share this with their Facebook friends. Once they like your Facebook page or any Facebook post of yours, this action shows up on their friends’ newsfeeds. This creates a “domino” marketing effect. You will then be visible to hundreds, if not thousands, of people who might also like your product or service. This will just go on and on and on!

Watch out for an upcoming post about the benefits of creating a Facebook fanpage for your business!

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