How Can Facebook Help Your Local Business Grow (Part 2)

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In the previous post, we have discussed how Facebook can be a tool for your business’ growth. Here are some more benefits you can enjoy:

Emphasizes that you are an expert in the industry

By sharing all the innovation, knowledge and other important information about your product or service, you broadcast that you really know the business. For professionals like accountant, doctors, lawyers, etc., a Facebook fanpage will definitely strengthen current relationships with clients and also ignite new ones. By posting what you have done, what your future plans are, and by addressing comments and questions, people will see how professional and knowledgeable you are.

Create feedback that would lure more clients

Truth: high conversion of sales can be attributed to positive testimonials. People usually check out the reviews of others regarding a product or service before trying it out themselves. Once they see that many satisfied customers patronize you, they want in! With this, you are not telling them that your business is good but they become convinced with those who give you the thumbs up. Since Facebook users are actually real people and other will see that the reviews are not something you just typed yourself, you build credibility among your target market.

Boosts your sales

On Facebook, you can post your current discount offering, a coupon for a free product or new products. It is one of the fastest ways you can turn around prospective leads to actual sales. People will then be able to share this with their friends and lure more clients. Another way you can increase your sales is by directing traffic to your online store. You can also use geotarget with Facebook Ads so you can actually reach those near your actual stores. Creating a Facebook event can also augment your sales. By inviting people on Facebook to exclusive sales or relevant events, you can market your product or service once they attend.

These are just a few of the unimaginable advantages of a business being visible on Facebook.Β  What are you waiting for? Sign up for one now! Need help in creating one? We’re happy to do so.Β Click here so we can start to boost your sales right away!

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