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Is it a Good Idea to Start Over from Scratch with a New Career?

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Are you thinking about switching careers? Are you dreaming about going into the health and wellness industry? Are you tired of what you’re currently doing? Do you want to help people? Do you feel like there’s a lack of fulfillment in what you’re currently doing in life? Are you thinking of dropping your current job and looking into career opportunities at Royal Ambulance or some other health professional company? Wanting to go back to school? Are you even happy with what you’re doing right now?

Honestly, these questions are valid because sometimes, it just gets to the point where it’s hard to know what’s best. Do you stay where you’re at, or do you go for bigger and better things? What if you don’t succeed? Is it even a good idea to change your career from scratch? 

Should you do it? Well, at the end of the day, it’s going to be entirely up to you. There’s no one else on the planet that can make that decision for you; only you can. But it’s a hard question because your livelihood could technically be at stake. So, with all of that said, here’s what you need to think about before making this decision. 

The Temptation of Starting Over

This probably conjures up images of back-to-square-one scenarios, late-night cramming sessions to learn new skills, and maybe even a bit of uncertainty about the future. Right? Well, honestly, it’s a lot of work. Yes, sometimes there’s even some doom and gloom that does need to be recognized. But at the same time, starting afresh can be one of the most exhilarating and rewarding decisions you’ll ever make.

You Deserve Some Growth and Renewal

Have you spent years in a career that’s no longer fulfilling? Is the joy all sucked out? If the routine has become mundane, and that spark of passion you once felt has dwindled into a flicker, then maybe it’s time to go. It’s okay to admit it; it happens to the best of us. The real question is whether you’re ready to reignite that fire by exploring new horizons.

You Need to Navigate the Practical Considerations

While it might sound like a success story to just drop what you’re doing and change careers, it’s not that easy. Actually, not that many get lucky because it’s technically a risk. However, one of the most compelling reasons to start over is growth. 

You have to keep in mind that we humans are wired to evolve, seek new challenges, and expand our skill sets. So, a new career can provide just that – a fresh canvas where your creativity can flourish and where you can tackle new problems with a renewed sense of purpose. But hitting this reset button isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, so that’s something to keep in mind, too.

Balancing Sacrifice and Investment

Now, let’s address the practical side of things. Yes, starting over may involve some sacrifices. You might need to invest time and resources into learning new skills or even take a temporary dip in income. 

A lot of people work from 9 to 5, and then immediately afterward, they take night classes. Can you handle that? But think of it as an investment in yourself – in your happiness, in your future. Besides, the satisfaction of mastering something new and the potential for long-term fulfillment often outweigh these initial challenges.

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