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Making a Successful Career Change into The Health and Wellness Industry

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We all deserve to have a career or a business that makes us excited to get out of bed in the morning. As the saying goes, when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life, because it is something that you are passionate about. If your current work or career situation isnโ€™t something that gets you excited about life or it isnโ€™t what you had hoped it would be, you are certainly not alone. However, there are definitely things that you can do to change things. It has been found that 96% of people surveyed were open to new work opportunities, and only 30% of people reported job satisfaction.

Those statistics can feel a little discouraging. Should you just get on with it if you are in a job that you donโ€™t enjoy? The answer is a massive no! You can make a change and switch to do something that you love, and create a business around what you are passionate about.

In the health and wellness industry, more people that are surveyed felt happier around their job roles, and reported that they feel excited to go to work and feel energized. So if you have a love of fitness and wellness, and want to help others in this area, perhaps this could be the career path or business route to go down. More than ever people want to look after themselves, both physically and mentally, and exercise and fitness are things that can fit into that area. At the risk of sounding a little clichรฉ, there isnโ€™t much better than helping others, loving what you do, being motivated by your work, and being passionate about your business.

You may need to retrain in order to get into this, or perhaps you want to be the brains behind the business, and hire qualified people to do different aspects for you. Whatever you choose, health and wellness is a thriving sector.

What Career and Business Opportunities Are in the Health and Wellness Industry?

If you have decided that this is the kind of career for you, then it is time to focus on the specific areas that you want to grow your business in. Are you looking to be self-employed and take on clients yourself, or are you looking to create and grow something bigger? What area of health and wellness are you looking to get into? The good news is that there are plenty of directions that you can choose in this industry. There will always be demand, and it is something that is growing and growing.

Nutrition Professional

Nutrition is something that is complex and an industry that is ever-expanding. How food and what we eat impacts our body is something that can vary from person to person. We all have different needs and dietary requirements, and for many people, knowing what to have for optimal health can be confusing. The science behind it is evolving and there can be a lot of information that is contradictory. So if you want to work as a nutrition professional, then you could be trained up to learn the science and the facts. Providing meal plans and talking to be people about what they eat can be for a number of reasons; not just weight loss.

Some of the things you could do in this area, whether as a business or not, are:

  • Wellness consultant in a corporate setting, helping employees to be more active in their sedentary roles.
  • Weight loss counselor to advise on the right foods to aid weight loss.
  • Nutritional advisor for clients, which could be for weight loss, as well as weight gain, eating disorder recovery, and bodybuilding.
  • Private chef with your expertise of the kinds of foods that go together. This could even be a specialism such as plant-based foods or gluten-free foods; whatever you have a passion for.
  • Start a restaurant or something like a juice bar in your local area. With one of the best commercial juicers you could have a store locally, or perhaps do deliveries and make things from home.
  • Own a health food store selling supplements and healthy products, and then advising customers when they come in. To take this one step further, consider partnering with companies like aย CBD manufacturer, as opposed to buying wholesale, since your profit margins will often be higher if you do.

Health Coach



What is a health coach, and how can you make a career out of it? Health coaching is about supporting people and helping them in developing a more healthy lifestyle, based on the choices they make, the physical activity they do, offering nutritional advice, as well as ultimately, implementing behavioral change. Coaching, as a coach would for any sports team, is someone who is there to lead and guide, and offers support and factual advice. A health coach is also there to inspire and educate. A health coach will often take a look at someoneโ€™s lifestyle as a whole, and see how it all works together, such as current lifestyle, family history, and diet.

Examples of careers and businesses in this industry are:

  • Recovery coach, working in a rehab setting, as well as with private clients, to aid their recovery and ongoing lifestyle choices
  • College health coaches work closely with students to make sure that they are choosing the best things to be as happy and healthy as they possibly can
  • Becoming a private health coach means that you would take on clients and help them with their health coaching needs
  • You could make and sell online courses for people to download and follow, as well as offering online meetings and support for clients
  • Becoming a speaker or educator in this area can be quite lucrative, especially in the corporate setting, but you do need plenty of experience to be taken seriously with this

Personal Training

Personal training is predominantly about the exercise and physical activity for an individual, and helping someone to achieve their goals. When someone is accountable to a personal trainer, they are more likely to workout and eat well, and as a result, you can charge for that. Many personal trainers know all about strength and fitness training, but they also know and understand some basic nutrition and often will have ongoing training to develop their skills and expertise.

As a personal trainer, you can work with a range of clients, from those wanting to lose weight, pregnant clients, marathon running clients, and clients who want to reduce stress levels, reverse type-two diabetes, or help to strengthen their muscles. You can choose a specialist area, or train a variety of clients.

Of course, you can work as a personal trainer. This could be within a gym setting, or being a trainer who works outdoors, as well as in clients homes. You could also go into teaching group exercise classes, and perhaps set up things like group bootcamps. You could become a fitness writer in this industry, especially with social media and blogs making this kind of thing more accessible. You could also go big and set up your own gym; there are a number of options when you have this kind of qualification.

There are some roles that you will need to have specific training for, which you could easily go on to do. But there are some areas that you could just get into right away, especially if you have transferable skills and knowledge from a similar industry. The main thing is to make sure that you are doing something that you love, and then you will love going to work and love the area that you work in. If you want to change things up, then now is as good of a time as any.

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