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Laying the Foundation of a Successful Marketing Strategy

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Your marketing strategy might be totally different from someone else’s. Why? Because your brands are different, you sell completely different things, and so on. If you were to copy someone else’s marketing strategy, it probably wouldn’t work for your business!

With that in mind, you will see some key factors appearing in every marketing strategy. Well, let’s rephrase that: in every good marketing strategy! You can think of these as the foundations; they keep everything in place and you can build from them. Let’s help you lay the foundations of a great marketing campaign by including all of these elements:

A Website

First and foremost, you need a website. There’s no other way of putting this: it is the beating heart of your marketing campaign. Everything you do will focus on driving traffic to your site. This is where you generate customers, create leads, and make sales. You can make a site on WordPress, or you can get someone to make it from scratch – it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you have a website up and running.

A Defined Target Audience


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Your marketing strategy is meaningless without a target market. Think of these as your ideal customers – the people that will be most intrigued by what you offer. Finding a target market can be tricky, but also quite straightforward. Look at your business/products and consider what type of people will need them most. Consider their age, gender, personality, interests, needs, and so on. Once you’re got your target market nailed down, you’ll know how to frame the rest of your campaign.


Search engine optimization is definitely one of the most critical parts of digital marketing. Right now, most people find businesses by conducting a search. It’s typically a Google search, but it could also be Safari, Firefox – whatever! SEO means that your website is designed to perform well in search engines. As such, people will actually see links to it when they search for terms relating to your business/industry. Remember, most consumers begin the buyer’s journey with a search – SEO ensures they find you instead of a rival!

Great Content

You need excellent content if you want an excellent marketing strategy. This forms part of your SEO as it helps draw people in from search engines. Good content also keeps people on your site for longer, increasing the chances of making a sale. It can also be used alongside social media to drive more traffic/leads to your website. Basically, no marketing strategy is complete without a great content strategy.

You should already notice that all four of these things are strongly interlinked. SEO drives people to your website, ensuring more people know about you. Great content also lures people in and keeps them on your site, but your target market defines the content you produce. Effectively, if you have all four of these things existing together, your marketing campaign will be set up for success. Loads of other marketing/advertising techniques exist, but these four things will lay some solid foundations.

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