Making Money Online: Is It Safe?

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Online money making efforts are very popular these days. It’s an accessible way to bring in a bit of extra money, there are many different ways to generate cash, and you can try all of them if you’ve got a spare hour per day. 

But considering all of these pros, there’s got to be a few cons too, right? Yes, and they’re mostly to do with your financial safety and security. Making money online is very legitimate, but you’ve got to be careful about what you’re doing, and who you might be talking to. 

Payouts Can Be Difficult to Obtain

Some survey or task websites can make it hard for users to get payouts on a regular basis. Some require you to have been a member for a certain period of time, while others require you to reach a ‘threshold’ first. 

And while both of these options help to protect the website from malicious attacks itself, or keep people online for as long as possible, they’re also incredibly inconvenient for the users themselves. Often enough, if you want to cash out, you’re going to have to wait. Keep this in mind. 

Some Survey Sites Are Fraudulent

If you’ve never heard of the site before, and it’s never been recommended by a trusted influencer within the financial independence circle, it’s best to steer clear. You could be handing over details to scammers without realizing it. 

Survey fraud is also common in the mailing list world; people may pretend to be your favorite company and send out a feedback survey to complete, with a very enticing prize draw if you do so. In this scenario, double check the email address, look for the survey without clicking on the link, and contact the company itself to notify them of the issue. 

Take Control into Your Hands

Diversify the way you make money online. Don’t just answer surveys or do tasks for a bit of spare change. Invest in your own money making skills by writing and monetizing a blog, or selling an ebook or course you’ve come up with. The more ways in which you can make money, the safer that money is going to be. And while 80% of your online income might come from one source alone, that last 20% will still pick up the slack. 

Be As Anonymous As Possible

Being anonymous will always protect you. It’ll help you to stay behind the screen and never be revealed, and that’s the best way to stay safe in the digital age. So whenever you click on a survey, and see questions asking for personal details like your name, date of birth, or your email address, double check the provenance or straight up back out. Don’t hesitate here; your details could be up for grabs from whoever is on the other side, and you always have the right to withdraw at any time. 

Be safe. Online money making scams are rife, and you need to know about them.

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