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The Post-COVID Office: Reinvigorating the Space Forever

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The modern office space will transform based on the culture of the workplace, and while the modern environment has demanded significant changes arising from the pandemic, the importance of maintaining productivity in an office environment has never been more crucial. As people are moving back to the office for that much-needed social interaction, if you need your employees to be productive, how can you transform the office to reflect this?

Create a Space for Collaboration

Many companies have come to the realization that collaboration is something that can be done remotely. However, we need to make sure that when people come into the office, they are primed for collaboration, otherwise, they won’t be productive. This means that you’ve got to go beyond conference room setups and go for an enticing space, while also making it relaxing. People have more than likely been working on their couches at home and have found a way to relax, resulting in more productivity. There are providers of furniture such as APEX commercial furniture that sells numerous types of chairs and tables, but we must remember that the space has to be interesting.

The Importance of an Efficient Layout

The workspace needs to reflect how you work, but it also has to harness a form of energy that your workers won’t have at home. An office layout is not about separating departments into areas, it’s about making sure that the space suits the organization which meets the needs of the staff so they can access efficiency whenever they go. In order to do this, you’ve got to focus on bringing people together. The open-plan office is not conducive to the modern environment. It’s about giving your employees access to everything they need to do the job properly, whether this is installing essential work tools like copiers and printers in areas when noise is not an issue, or creating rooms for the purpose of collaboration. An efficient layout is like a factory line, but shouldn’t feel like that.

Make Technology Work With the Ambiance

The most important aspect to consider when we are looking at productivity in the round is how ambiance affects the ability to work. Some people need a quiet space to be productive, but others need ample light and sound. When you start to consider just how you alter your lighting, the simple additions of a SAD light could make a difference. It’s also worth focusing on providing the right levels of sound. You could achieve this by insulating walls to deaden any sound, but also think about how your employees can focus. For example, binaural beats could be a worthwhile addition to your employeesโ€™ workspace because they can put them in the right frame of mind to focus and minimize distraction.

When you are looking to upgrade your office, you must reconsider how it can make people more productive. An office space shouldn’t have productivity, but many of us have realized just how much more work we could get done at home. But as businesses are trying to bring employees back, it’s now worth reconsidering how the office should make people work, especially if you are desperate to reinvigorate the office environment forever.

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