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Being Proactive Is the Key to Landing a Promotion, and Here’s Why

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Success is relative. What you see as successful might be entirely different from a colleague or coworker. However, there comes a time in a person’s life when they want more, and that might be in the form of a promotion. Everybody wants one, yet only a select few secure them. Do you assume this is because the winning candidate was the best applicant for the job? If you answer yes, you’re wrong. 99% of the time, the reason a person receives a promotion is due to the fact they are proactive.

Here are the reasons why employers love this trait, and why you must work on it if you plan on getting promoted.

Employers Aren’t on Your Side

Yep, even the good ones won’t call you into the office and pat you on the back. When you think about it carefully, it’s obvious – no one is going to commit to spending more money than necessary. Plus, while workers are more entitled now, asking for a promotion is still a taboo topic. The pertinent thing to keep in mind is that a pay bump and extra responsibility won’t fall into your lap. To make sure you secure it, you need to put your boss to the sword.

Negotiating Is Tough

The flip side of the coin is that you don’t understand how to negotiate effectively. Most people have never done it, so it’s no surprise you don’t know the first thing about the process. Thankfully, negotiation training is on hand to teach you the core values of a negotiation, from keeping your cards close to your chest to showcasing your worth. However, this won’t happen if you’re not proactive. Otherwise, you’ll continue to wait for opportunities to come to you and won’t have any use for negotiation hacks. For the advice to be relevant, you’ve got to be ready to ask for a promotion and talk numbers.

Knowledge Is Power

Putting your name forward for a promotion means making yourself as employable as possible. After all, the position is a new job even though you’re already employed. Coming in early and leaving late is a tactic a lot of professionals use, as is hitting tight deadlines, but they involve a lot of energy. It’s savvier to work smarter, not harder, which is why a college course is an incredibly powerful tool. Going back to school and graduating with a master’s degree will set you out from the rest of the office. And, you can do it online while continuing to be productive.

Numbers Are Significant

Often, in a bid to show people that promotions are possible, posts fail to mention that you still need to prove you’re a quality employee. Without the numbers to back up your claims, it’s not hard for a boss to overlook your application to a top job. The good news is that proactive people continue to follow up on emails and communicate with clients, customers and coworkers. If anything, they do it more than normal.

Why are these traits important? It’s because they directly impact your statistics.

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