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How to Raise Startup Capital for Your Business

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You might have the most innovative business idea that will have the world on their feet once they catch a whiff of your idea. But before you can launch your business, you probably need a large amount of money to get started; you might need startup capital. It can be tricky to raise the money to get started, but there are some different options to explore.

The idea to start a business often springs out of the need to make money. It is ironic, then, that you will need money to start making money, because starting a business typically means paying for office space, supplies, employees’ salaries, permits, and production, which can cost a lot of money. So, how do you raise startup capital? Here are a few ideas.

Find Investors

The best way to raise startup capital is to find investors that can help you get your business started. Angel investment, for example, refers to individuals or groups of investors that invest their own money, so if you are in the early stages of growing a business, this is a likely way to raise the capital needed for starting your business.

When you present your idea to potential investors, simply make sure that you give them a reason to invest in you; that often means having the convincing numbers ready that help close the deal. If you do not yet have any numbers to show, because you have not started your business yet, perhaps a simple prospectus can help bring the investment home.

Grow Your Money, Woman

One of the easy ways of raising money for it is probably to simply start saving up your own money long before launching the business. Especially as a woman, you are inclined to encounter negative gender bias, unfortunately, which can make it difficult to find investors that see the potential of your business idea.

Instead, you might be better off coming up with a long-term strategy, to avoid being dependent on others and start investing and growing the money you have saved up. You can do that by getting into trading currencies, which is a very straightforward way to start investing. Trading currencies is simple and easy to understand, and you do not necessarily need much to get started.

There are popular online apps like eToro, Skilling, and AvaTrade that all provide the opportunity to trade one currency to another. The minimum deposit on some of them is only 100 Euros but be sure to assess the advantages and disadvantages for the different providers.

Funding from Family and Friends

There are several perfectly adequate ways to get funding to start a business, and you might find it worth your time to get some inspiration and see how other successful women entrepreneurs raise funding for their business. Setting a strategy and specific goals as well as sharing your business plan, are good ways to get on the way to get investors on board.


Raising funding by way of your friends and family is also an opportunity, although not an opportunity many experts would advise. There are advantages and disadvantages to this option; for example, even though you might find it easier to convince your friends, you are also putting your relationship at risk, in case your business endeavors go south.

So, if you do choose to go the friend or family route, be sure to do it the right way as advised by experts.

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