How to Utilize Technology to Improve Productivity for Your Small Business

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Technology can play a significant role in making your small business unique and driving it forward. For businesses today, technology is essential for gaining a competitive advantage and enhancing your productivity. While almost 77% of small businesses admit to using technology for their business operations, effectively deploying your tech can be daunting. Fortunately, there are ways to make this burden easier. Here are some simple yet effective ways to explore tech to improve your business productivity.

1. Adapt to Change

Technology is an excellent and reliable business asset that enables you to predict, manage and quickly adapt to change. Your business tech should offer the flexibility and ease of adapting to the changes in your business’s needs – whether you are expanding your infrastructure or deploying new tools to enhance your workforce productivity, such as computers, applications, and other devices. For example, businesses are using cloud technology for business flexibility and supporting customer adaptability. Yet, unlike other companies playing the game of “all or nothing,” many have adopted hybrid approaches to maintain their on-premise resources and move others to the cloud.

2. Maximize Your Technology Usage

Investing in your business’s technological solutions, you would be ensuring that you are getting the most from your product and service delivery. By maximizing your technology usage, you can save costs by avoiding expenses your business doesn’t need. Fortunately, there is a broad range of solutions to maximize your IT infrastructure and maximize productivity. Whether you are looking to get the most from the cloud servers, design unique business products and applications, or take advantage of the speed and flexibility offered by the cloud, getting the most from your technology should be a top priority. You can visit for ideas on how you can utilize modern tech to design your specific and innovative products every day.

For those businesses that operate long opening hours like call centers, for example, it may be worth utilizing a UPS Battery Replacement Service. Such a service provides uninterrupted power supply should there be local or national power outages. It means your staff won’t lose their progress, setting them back in their workloads.

3. Work from Any Location

Studies have shown that approximately 40% of small businesses that suffer a disaster do not reopen their doors, while around 25% end their operations after two years. With the significant disruption caused by the pandemic outbreak in 2020, disaster recovery solutions are vital, especially for small businesses. Recovering from downtime will require more than just backing up your data. Application and system recoveries are essential for resuming operations, although this can take days and possibly weeks, even for a simple backup system. For this reason, you need a solution to keep your business going even with the significant disruption that can cause productivity or customer loss.

4. Outsource Your Business IT

Engaging an outsourced IT service provider is an excellent way to utilize technology to increase your small business productivity. Outsourcing your IT enables you to get a suitable support base for staff and business and allows your working teams more time to focus on the jobs you initially hired them for. Outsourcing is additionally cost-effective and can help you save money in terms of wages. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the cost of hiring new staff and expensive training.

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