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26 Must-Know eCommerce Stats for 2019
It’s 2019, and ecommerce is exploding. Consumer expectations are getting higher, causing companies to shorten delivery times, wave shipping fees,
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5 Ways to Increase User Engagement For Your Product
What does user engagement mean for your product? I mean, there are products that require some daily activity from a
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Why You Need To Perfect Your Elevator Pitch, Fast
You have as little as 4 seconds to convince people that your business has the solution to their problems. Your
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6 Ways Surveys Can Help Build Your Startup Company Strategy
While analyzing, testing and guessing all have their place in the business world, these are approaches commonly used by those
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How to Find a Balance Between Trending and Evergreen Content
What is the main reason you use content marketing on your website? As per Content Marketing Institute survey for 2018,
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Creating Brand Identity for Small Business [Infographic]
Establishing strong brand for your business is important regardless of the size of your business. Brand is what actually sells
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How to Use Shopper’s Psychology to Your Advantage
“Shopper’s psychology” is something that all entrepreneurs and business owners should strive to understand. Understanding this psychological term can help
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How to Sell to Consumers in Europe
By Stef van Boekel Congratulations, you have launched a successful product or a web-shop. Cash flows are coming in and
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5 Surefire Ways to Make Your eCommerce Store Successful
Who else wants to increase their eCommerce store sales? Well, who doesn’t? Did you know that 71% of shoppers believe
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Lightning Fast Ways to Get More Customers
I think it’s important to understand that generating quick ways for your business to make money is different than implementing
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