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Salon Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Clientele

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When it comes to salon marketing, the process is fairly simple and straightforward. To maximize the process, however, salon and beauty business owners must take a handful of extra steps to create pertinent connections with their clients. This infographic depicts several methods of outreach, customer acquisition, and retention.Β 


These graphics highlight several important techniques that set elite businesses apart from the others. For instance, customers are 89% more likely to go to a salon that responds to Yelp reviews. And did you know that Facebook Groups provide countless connections with customers and other industry professionals?


Marketing as a salon involves plenty of competition. That’s where solid techniques such as email marketing and loyalty programs come in. Distinguish your business with customer-focused rewards programs. Build your loyalty programs around the wants and needs of your customers. How do you know what they want? Ask them! Use in-store questionnaires, email surveys, and social media polls. Cater your offerings to the desires of your clients.


Always share your salon story with your customers. Building relationships and connections is a great way to ensure clients continue to return. Remember, too, that sharing stories is a two-way street. Learn about your customers. Get to know their birthdays, favorite products, and even the names of their pets! Not only does this strengthen the loyalty of the customer, but it also gives you plenty of information to use for further customer satisfaction.

For instance, send special emails on customers’ birthdays with personal deals and savings. Or, share important information on certain products with all your customers who enjoy said products. Gaining personal knowledge of your customers starts by opening up as a business.

To go even further, reach out to the community and provide commonly requested services. Host events detailing your loyalty program. Or, bring your professional stylists for a meet-and-greet with customers. Also, don’t discount the influence of, well, influencers. Reach out to popular local names in the beauty scene, and discuss collaborations.Β 

The future of the salon industry is in community involvement. And all of these techniques highlight the importance of understanding, and marketing to, the unique qualities of your customers.

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