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Despite the horror of the global pandemic, the situation has encouraged some positive development too. Remote working arrangements are on the rise for the benefits of employees and employers all around the country. Additionally, self-isolation has also considerably reduced traffic on the road. For millions of individuals, the sudden change in travel and commuting habits revealed a promising truth. We still have the power to make a difference for the environment. Households have developed green habits during the pandemic, and many are willing to maintain these in the long term.

Therefore, now is the perfect time to consider environmentally friendly business ideas. Organic beauty products, for instance, is one industry sector that has been growing fast during the pandemic. The global organic beauty industry is expected to reach over $22 billion by 2024. With over 9 in 10 customers willing to be loyal to brands that support environmental causes, itโ€™s a fantastic opportunity for new entrepreneurs.

Find your unique market

Unlike chemical beauty products, the organic beauty industry is essentially plant-based. As such, you can offer a unique perspective to your brand by using plants that you grow in your own garden. Some of the preferred natural ingredients include roses for their gentle antiinflammatory properties and bay leaves for healing and moisturizing effects. Ideally, you want to work closely with a professional team to control the quality of each ingredient before preparation. Some companies choose to outsource their manufacturing process. However, you can set up your own pharmaceutical lab to oversee the whole process. Professionals rely on specialist brands for mixing equipment, such as this company website that provides dedicated services to the industry.

Green and beautiful packaging


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Once youโ€™ve settled on the right natural ingredients, you need to keep your environmental values throughout the whole manufacturing process. This includes your packaging. It is a pity to create a sustainable and eco-friendly product only to wrap it in plastic! So, you need to be smart with your packaging solution. Recyclable material is a must-have. The choice of your shape will serve a double purpose, reducing waste packaging and creating an eye-catching experience. Organic beauty products compete with the tough task of maintaining environmental values while standing out in a crowded market. Ideally, creating a packaging design that goes further, such as including using detail for recycling or repurposing, can make a huge difference.

Offer intelligent design

Going organic sometimes feels like going back to the source. While itโ€™s true, it doesnโ€™t mean you canโ€™t use technology to enhance your organic beauty services. Plants deliver natural goodness to the skin. But you can also combine them in many different options to create unique and customizable products. Using an AI tool, customers can tailor their orders to their needs. This not only removes the hassle of figuring out the best products for your skin type, but it also ensures your offer is more inclusive. When you use a base formula that can be adapted for individual needs, your products instantly become more inclusive.

The beauty industry is constantly changing and evolving. As organic beauty products are growing in popularity and influence in the market, nowโ€™s the right time for an ambitious entrepreneur to launch their new business idea. Thereโ€™s a huge potential in the industry, and you can also help customers pursue their environmental lifestyles.

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