Stop being a Trojan-preneur and Avoid Office Burnout

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workspaces  Owning a business does not do away with the likelihood of being burned out at work from time to time.
Luckily, there are ways to avert an office burnout without actually having to toss in the sponge. Whether you smell a burnout coming on, or prefer dodging even the slenderest of indicators, here are a few tips thatโ€™d come handy in keeping you at your best.

Relocate close to work
Research shows that people with shorter commute to work are happier, and consequently, more productive. Agreed, itโ€™s easier said than done, but if you rent then itโ€™s definitely worth looking into relocating somewhere closer to your office. You can also consider telecommuting as a viable alternative. Even a single day of work-from-home per week is good enough to ward off the evil office burnout.

Arrange happy hours for your team
Like it or not, but gossiping, undue stress and other forms of unconstructiveness at the workplace is bringing you and your business to good. Nip workplace negativity in the bud by arranging happy hours for your team. The more they see each other in a non-work environment, the greater the chances of them gelling-in with one another seamlessly.
Love your team and treat others at the office like youโ€™d want to be treated โ€“ itโ€™s that simple.

No more all-nighters
Pulling up all-nighters in a row will NOT work for your business. Not getting sufficient sleep leads to ailments and wooziness. Sleep deprivation has been found to be closely associated with office burnout, not to mention a plethora of other much worse conditions. Double check youโ€™re filling up those sleep pockets every single day.

Use the Pomodoro technique
Developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, the Pomodoro time-management technique emphasizes on breaking down time at work into 25 minute high-focus intervals followed by a short break. The technique works like a charm and effectively eliminates office churn.
Be careful though, the break means getting up from your desk and maybe taking a stroll down to the cooler, and NOT texting your friend or checking out the Instagram feed. As a rule to thumb, a break basically translates to zero screen-stare time.

Practice strength training
To make the most out of the regular breaks, itโ€™s only logical to flex those stiff muscles to improve your bodyโ€™s elasticity and get the metabolism rushing. Its turn out, there are a handful of exercised custom tailored for practicing at your workplace. Itโ€™s about time you given them a try.

There you have it โ€“ office burnout is something no entrepreneur is safe from. Sticking with a few precautionary steps to sidestep it each day can work wonders โ€“ for both your body and your business.

Original Article: http://www.inc.com/drew-hendricks/6-tips-for-avoiding-office-burnout.html

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