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Strategies To Increase the Ventilation of an Office Building

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Maintaining proper ventilation in a commercial building is not only a question of occupant comfort but also necessary to maintaining everyone’s well-being. Improper airflow can create pockets of stagnant air or recycle harmful particles, increasing the chances of occupant sickness. Be aware of some strategies to increase the ventilation of an office building to avoid these potentially hazardous circumstances.

Utilize Outdoor Air

The most reliable way to get fresh air is directly from the source. Opening windows helps circulate new, uncontaminated air throughout the building, ensuring any stagnant air gets moving again. However, this option is not always feasible, either due to a lack of windows or less-than-ideal weather.

Install Fans To Help Disperse Air

If using outdoor air is not a practical option, the best way to increase effectiveness is to install fans throughout the office. This aids with circulating the air and helping it get to areas it otherwise could not reach.

Inspect Current HVAC System for Functionality

Due to the cost of installation and all the complex components involved in its design, an HVAC system tends to be in service for many years. During this time, it’s common for issues to develop that decrease the performance of the ventilation, lowering the quality of air. Continue a regular maintenance schedule for your current HVAC system. Allowing it to operate for too long without adequate service will only put it at risk of failure.

Remove Any Blockages From Air Ducts

Among the issues that can plague ventilation systems, blocked air ducts can be the most common that building owners will encounter. The simplest problem includes objects such as desks, couches, or kitchen appliances placed next to or in front of air vents. These obstacles prevent the air from exiting the duct and circulating throughout the building, but the solution can be as simple as rearranging furniture.

Monitor Air Ducts

One key aspect of identifying issues with airflow is monitoring your ventilation system. Installing proper air duct monitors allow building owners to know where there is less flow, alerting them to potential blockages. Knowing the exact location of possible blocked airways assists in focusing efforts to clear them up, improving circulation as a result.

Always Be on Top of Maintenance

Whether servicing the HVAC or monitoring ducts, building owners need to identify issues before they can develop into something more serious. Allowing contaminants into the air will put those working inside at risk of sickness, exposing them to harmful airborne particles. Know methods to improve office ventilation to avoid these unnecessary circumstances.

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