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Ways To Improve the Soundproofing in Your Commercial Office

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Is excess noise making it hard for you and your teams to be productive? A soundproof office design helps improve focus and concentration so that you can accomplish everything on your to-do list with fewer distractions. But how do you achieve a quiet layout without sacrificing the comfort and collaboration of your teams? Check out these clever and effective ways to improve the soundproofing in your commercial office.

Absorb Noise With Acoustic Panels

Acoustic wall panels can absorb sound within a space. These panels are easy to mount on a wall and come in a nearly endless variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. Their versatility allows them to match any office dΓ©cor you have. Acoustic panels are perfect for open office spaces where sound tends to travel and bounce around more easily.

Improve Building Insulation

The insulation in your walls affects the way sound moves throughout your office. Old or thin drywall won’t do much to stop sounds from traveling throughout the space. This can prove particularly troublesome when you try to soundproof individual offices or conference rooms. Open-cell spray foam insulation is an effective way to combat sound. This material consists of chemicals that react when they mix together, creating an expanding foam. Open-cell foam is a lighter and more expansive version of spray foam insulation, which means it creates an excellent sound barrier within your office walls.

Find Noise-Friendly Flooring

Finding the right flooring is about more than just appearance. That’s why one of the best ways to improve soundproofing in your commercial office is to find more soundproof flooring options. A good office floor will also help reduce noise in the space, especially if you’re on a higher floor of a building. Carpet is the go-to option for soundproofing. The thicker your carpet is, the better soundproofing you’ll achieve. However, if you don’t want to deal with the higher maintenance of carpet, both engineered hardwood and luxury vinyl are gorgeous, low-maintenance options that help absorb sound.

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