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What Does It Take To Become An Effective Healthcare Administrator?

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The healthcare industry is expected to grow at a rapid clip over the coming decade, thanks to an aging population and increases in medical care needs because of epidemics, like obesity.

For women interested in entering a dynamic and โ€œin-demandโ€ industry, healthcare administration is a good idea. Healthcare administrators are not only responsible for managing patients and working reception desks: they are also the people who will make it possible for the healthcare sector to enter the 21st century and become more efficient.

It is surprising to learn that healthcare administration is not merely a process-orientated job: it also involves a high level of creativity. The creativity part of the work comes from imagining new working methods that will make medical institutions more productive and efficient. The healthcare sector, like all other industries, needs to move with the times, but itโ€™s a notoriously inefficient sector. Healthcare administrators play a vital role in changing this dynamic. Itโ€™s their job to find ways to improve efficiencies and ensure that the quality of patient care remains high.

Recently, the University of California published an infographic detailing the kind of skills that healthcare administrators needed. The infographic is a reminder of the importance of this oft-overlooked part of the medical system. Real change wonโ€™t come from the people providing medical care, but those organizing it. The infographic shows how people who decide to get into medical admin need to get up-to-date on the latest technology and understand how to use it in clinical practices. Check out the infographic below.

USC-EMHA-ImprovingEfficiencies  Infographic by University of Southern California

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