The 4 Deadliest Mistakes Startup Businesses Make

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slip-300x200  You have a solid idea, you have a top-notch product and you have made a name for yourself on all the most reputable social networks; alas, you are still not seeing the growth in sales you were expecting. In 99 out of 100 instances this is the direct result of poor marketing efforts.

The majority of entrepreneurs have excellent ideas for services and products, but have no idea how to properly market them. When they can achieve a proven and repeatable system for marketing, entrepreneurs can reach a higher level of measurement, scalability, consistence and, eventually, success.

There are four marketing mistakes far too many entrepreneurs are making, keeping them from reaching their full potential. Along with a list of these mistakes is some options for fixing the problems before it is too late.

  1. Not Seeking Feedback

The biggest mistake made by startups is having a service or product on the market no one is really interested in. This is also why many businesses are never able to achieve their expected growth target. Too many entrepreneurs begin with a strong belief of what they offer, and don’t want anyone to tell them otherwise.

It is essential to show your customers and prospects what you have to offer and get feedback. Doing this will put you ahead, and you will likely find many people who are willing to help your endeavor; you simply need to ask.

  1. Not Creating a Website that Sells

The majority of startup sites are not designed to sell. You have to make an effort to ensure your website is the center of your marketing efforts. When a potential customer finds your site, they should be offered an extremely compelling path, leading them to a location where you are able to convert them over from just another visitor to a prospect, who you can begin to build a relationship with.

  1. Not Being Easy to Find

With Google in the captain’s seat, potential customers need to be able to find out everything they want to know about what you have to offer. This means when they are looking, it is your job to ensure you are found. With that understood, the scope and range of inbound marketing tools and social media can be staggering to even the most knowledgeable marketer, not to mention entrepreneurs working to build their business. For now, the key is to concentrate on just a few inbound tactics, which have been proven to really work, allowing the other options to wait – at least for now.

  1. Not Going After Prospects

Too many startups believe their marketing is covered by simply investing in some SEO, social media and a blog. That is until you begin to notice your sales are a bit unimpressive. Marketing that works should be equal in prospects finding you and you working to actively find prospects. It is not too difficult to identify prospects who should be purchasing your product and then targeting them with a specific campaign to begin building a relationship.

Understanding the various marketing channels and developing a hands-on system is essential for the success of your startup. Avoiding the mistakes here will help you develop a positive, findable and appealing presence to your potential customers.

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