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The Most Common Product Packaging Mistakes

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People interested in putting their business’s product on store shelves should learn the most common product packaging mistakes. Product packaging, like so many other areas of business, requires careful planning and thoughtful execution. By reading these common mistakes, you will understand the pitfalls to avoid.

Waste of Materials

Customers do not pay attention to how much material is in your packaging until you use too much. It is a public relations nightmare to deliver a single serving product wrapped in a massive amount of material. The eco-conscious public does not like to see space wasted. Try to minimize the size of the package and use recyclable materials whenever possible.

Consumer Unfriendly Packaging

Another of the most common product packaging mistakes is that unfriendly packaging is a fast way to lose your consumer’s respect. As a rule, if the package requires scissors or a knife to open it, it is too difficult to open.

Needed More Package Testing

New companies excited to get their products on the shelf can easily make the common mistake of rushing their package testing. But, if you want your products to stand the test of time, you need to roll them out with intelligence and careful attention to detail.

You must test your packages to make sure they do not break during transport, spoil easily, or attract pests. Any of these issues could erode consumer trust in your products. To avoid that fate, carefully test the packaging many times before you roll them out.

Inaccurate Information

Lastly, new businesses must avoid printing mistakes on their packaging for legal and public relations purposes. If you sell a food product, you should familiarize yourself with the purposes and benefits of lot coding. Failure to execute proper lot coding could cause severe logistical problems in the event of a recall.

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