The Most Recognizable Product Packaging Designs

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Thousands of businesses compete every day to create the strongest impression on their customers. One of the best ways to do this is to develop the most recognizable product packaging designs. Having a noteworthy package will give consumers something to mentally latch onto, something that will help them remember the business long after they’ve stopped using the product.

Since so many businesses are trying to get everyone’s attention at the same time, it’s very difficult for any single company to break through and remain memorable. There are, however, a very select few that have made the cut.

Amazon Delivery Box

Although this is a relatively new item on the list, the Amazon delivery box has quickly established itself as one of the most iconic boxes on the planet. Its simple and elegant design—created for functionality more than anything else—is seen on home porches and doorsteps all across the world. Since they carry everything from books to makeup, there is no end to the mental associations people can apply to their Amazon boxes, which adds to the overall attachment people feel toward the company.

McDonald’s Happy Meal

Few packages can spark such excitement for children and such nostalgia for adults as the McDonald’s Happy Meal box. The Happy Meal has been a staple of the company for over 40 years. Although the design of the box has changed slightly over time, its golden arches and bright coloring make it instantly recognizable. People all across the world know what they’re going to find in a Happy Meal, which cannot be said for a lot of other products.


Coca-Cola began using the curved bottle design in 1916. It is now one of the most recognizable product packaging designs in the world. While the shape of the bottle has changed a little over time, the company has maintained this same basic look. It’s become so iconic that people can recognize the product just by the shape of its bottle.

The Chanel Box

The white and black Chanel box is understated and sleek; it’s a design made to match the values of the revolutionary fashion brand. Chanel understands how product packaging can boost a brand’s value and visibility. A whole page on their website is dedicated just to how the company wraps each order. Chanel’s attention to detail has helped make their packaging so memorable.

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