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The Psychological Challenges of Entrepreneurship Part 2

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anxiety  The first half of the article discussed some of the psychological problems that entrepreneurs may encounter during their life span. The issues will continue along with ways that business owners and startup founders can protect themselves and ensure they live a healthy and successful life.

Psychological Challenges

Many entrepreneurs find themselves working late and getting anywhere between 3 and 6 hours of sleep a night. Not sleeping a full 8 hours has been linked to depression. It can also be hard during a busy work day to find time to eat lunch or dinner. Skipping meals can be extremely harmful to your health because your body needs fuel to keep it going.

It’s true: a large portion of the world is affected by depression and anxiety and is prescribed medications to help them live a happy and healthy life. The difference between entrepreneurs and the rest of the world is the fact that you often ignore these signs and symptoms because you either assume they will dissipate on their own or brush them off as something insignificant until it is too late.

Many business owners base their lives around their work or feel if their company or business is not successful, they are not successful.

Their mentality is simply this: “if my business fails, I have failed.”

How can you protect yourself?

Protecting yourself from diseases such as depression or anxiety is difficult but it can be done with a healthy lifestyle change.

It is important to separate yourself from your business. Remind yourself that many startups fail, bad decisions will be made and regardless of which way your business turns, you can always get back up and try again. Life is not over if your business is over.

Be sure to take time for yourself and care about other things. If you’re finding that you haven’t taken part in an activity you enjoy, take a day off and spend some time with the people you love or doing the things you love. While your company or business may be a significant part of your life, you should not live to work. Getting so involved in your work that you ignore the things that matter to you will eventually eat you up inside.

No matter how busy your business or company is and how much you’ve been working, maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes:

  • Eating healthy or at least three times a day
  • Exercise in your down time; this can release positive endorphins to make you feel good
  • If you’re feeling sick or under the weather, take time off
  • Try to get a full 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis
  • Stay open to activities that don’t involve business
  • Spending time with loved ones, friends and family who will allow you to keep your head held high regardless of what is going on with your business

Don’t let your business take you away from the things that are important to you. If you’re feeling that you’ve lost interest in the things you enjoy outside of your business or you need someone to talk with about how you’ve been feeling, be sure to contact a doctor or someone who can help you.

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