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How do you know you’re a great business woman? It’s not just about profit margins and entrepreneurship but because you recognize your greatest business asset: your team.

You know the importance of building good relationships and creating a productive working environment and that’s what will take your business forward on to bigger and better things. In this blog, we’re taking a look at how to grow your team alongside your business. We’re not just talking about increasing numbers but increasing skills and talents in your existing team members.

Hand Over More Responsibility

Step back a little and recognise what it is that your team members are currently doing. Are you micromanaging them, even just a little bit? Why not take a chance and relinquish some more responsibility? When you allow your staff a little more room and give them even a little more responsibility, you’re effectively telling them you trust them and their skills and empower them to work harder for you. It’s worth doing, even a little bit at a time.

Organise Communication

If your contact with staff is rather ad hoc and follows a more ‘needs must’ route then it’s time to formalise the process. Giving your staff more time to talk allows you to really find out what’s going on inside your business from the frontline.

It also shows your team that you take their opinions seriously and value their contributions. In the same way set aside time every six months for a yearly appraisal and mid term performance review. If you haven’t ever set this up before, check out some online HR resources to get you underway. By talking through staff performance you have the opportunity to praise great work and correct anything that’s not working so well.


Allowing your staff room to grow and develop their skill set is a huge benefit to your company. While you might be concerned that well-trained staff members will move on more quickly, the knowledge that you are willing to invest in their future is an excellent way of helping to develop a deep sense of loyalty to your company.

From Marketing to Health and Safety online training courses, listen to what your staff tell you they need or would like to do and start setting aside money to create a training budget.

With qualified staff, particularly those following a more recognised qualification, you can boast about your industry-qualified staff on your marketing materials and your website.

Your business and your team are what you get you up in the morning. When you invest in the people around you, you create a loyal and stable workforce that will help you take your business to the next level. Helping you meet your business goals and supporting you to create the best product or service that you can offer. No wonder your customers keep coming back for more, you’re leading by example so let your staff know you’re behind them every step of the way.

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