Tips to Make Sure Your Marketing Strategy Grows as Your Business Grows

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marketing-strategy-300x200  When it comes to creating a marketing plan for a new business, one of the most daunting tasks you face is creating a model able to scale and grow as the business grows.

When you have a startup growing quickly, the value of each marketing decision, from attending niche specific conferences to designing an effective website, is all critical.

Each startup has different needs, which are determined by many factors. However, there are five specific points to help you continue growing your strategy successfully, which are described here.

Number 1: Consider the bigger picture: Not Cost, Profit!

Generally speaking, the average sales cycle for a company can range anywhere between two up to 12 months, which means consistent marketing is crucial. It is important for marketers to work in creative ways to keep potential customers interested until the time of purchase.

Number 2: Be relentless when it comes to organization.

It is essential all marketing efforts are metrics-driven. Step one is to define the marketing channel or program generating the most leads for your business, no matter if it is outbound marketing, inbound marketing or conferences. Step two includes optimizing your actual website. You should be certain forms and landing pages are tagged properly to capture leads from each program and channel.

Number 3: Utilize metrics for marketing and sales matchups.

Most businesses already have in place some type of method for tracking their top line metrics: conversions, engagement and traffic; however, rarely take action to go any deeper. Consider using an analytics system that provides a collaborative process between your sales and marketing. This will help keep one goal, rather than working independently.

Number 4: Use the data – but not too much.

When you utilize a simple analytic framework, you have an easy way to compare your progress over a period of time. Keep asking questions such as:

  • Which marketing channel is working best, why?
  • What are the monthly and quarterly trends?
  • Are there any red flags present?

These questions, considered regularly, will keep you on top of any changes, small, large or otherwise, which occur on a month to month basis.

Number 5: Try it Out: If it works – Go BIG!

Try out new ideas, or a new demand generation channel – for example, LinkedIn. Start with a small investment of time or money to see if this is a channel that will work for you. When you find one that provides you success, you should invest more.

Remember, it is important to regularly take a step back from the business and ask yourself: What is the market really saying about your business? Is your brand awareness better than competitors? Where is there room for improvement?

In most situations a mix of analytics, creativity and intellectual curiosity will help to lead you in the right direction.

You will learn the art of adapting to trends, it can help guide your team structure and hiring decisions. The most important benefit is that it allows you to create a metrics driven marketing plan that grows with your business.

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