Top Ways Logos Can Better Your Business

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Today, people don’t need the names of companies to know what they are. One glance at a corporate logo design shows everything a person needs to know. Look no further than Burger King (a giant hamburger) and Starbucks (a mermaid holding two cups of coffee). This just proves how crucial logos are to businesses. Still, some small business owners don’t have a logo that encompasses their image. For this reason, anyone in this position should read these top ways logos can better your business.

Set Expectations

What do Burger King, Pizza Hut, Chipotle, or other fast-food establishments have in common? All their logos promote food or consumption with consumers. No one sees a Starbucks logo and doesn’t think of a hot cup of coffee. The same is true with McDonald’s, Subway, or Chick-fil-A. These restaurants use psychology to familiarize customers with their menu items. You don’t have to think of food when you can see a Burger King sign and visualize yourself eating a burger. You can use the same psychological methodology to set expectations with your target markets.

Help Differentiate from Competitors

Similarly, logos can differentiate between products. Apple and Dell both make computers, but their logos signify that they’re different products. Uber and Lyft both provide rideshares, yet their logos differ drastically, too. Ultimately, your logo separates you from your competitors in your market. Since the goal of business is to attract customers and increase sales, a distinguishable logo will help.

Grab Attention and Interest

Naturally, logos attract people to that business. Vibrant colors, eye-catching images, and clever text face all grab the reader’s attention. Interestingly, this is intentional. Color psychology shows that certain colors can affect and influence behaviors and desires. The basic principles it follows are that color carries specific learned or innate meanings, evaluation forces color-motivated behavior, color exerts influence automatically, and context affects color meaning. One example of this is with red and yellow. Red indicates feelings of power, excitement, and love. Yellow indicates happiness, competence, and inexpensiveness. Using McDonald’s signature red and yellow signage, you might read that as a craving for a cheap, delicious, and exciting meal.

Increase Sales and Profits

Finally, logos help increase your sales and overall profit margins. With more attention grabbers and visual stimuli, more customers should come in and purchase your products or services. Never ignore the role of a well-thought-out logo or insignia. While it’s not the main marketing avenue many business owners consider, there are still limitless possibilities for targeting new markets while retaining your current demographics with a well-designed logo. Just be sure to use the right signage company to make this possible.

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