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8 Ways For Small Local Businesses To Leverage Facebook

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facebook-300x164-300x164  It is not only huge companies or ecommerce stores which can leverage Facebook as a potent marketing tool for boosting sales. There are many ways which small brick and mortar stores can also reap the benefits of this marketing tool. While the idea may be the same, the techniques applied will be slightly different than they would be for other types of stores. Putting these eight great tips to work is a fantastic place to start.

1. Put Engagement First

While selling is always aΒ  big part of any marketing, social media demands that engagement be put first. When operating a local business this is even more critical. You want to keep your target audience entertained. You also want them to feel as though they have developed a connection with you deeper than company and customer. Putting engagement before selling can help ensure you have done those things.

2. Post Pictures of Your Products

No matter what type of products you offer you should be posting pictures of them on your Facebook page. Food, stocked shelves, newest shipments still in the box…the whole nine yards! This serves multiple purposes. First it gets your actual products out in the virtual world instead of just your company in general. Second, it may help to prompt customers to visit your store if they see something they like, want, or need. Third, it may allow uncertain people to feel more certain about visiting your store. For these people it is better to let them see things with their own two eyes.

3. Boost Your Posts

Facebook now gives you the option to β€œboost” or advertise specific posts. These posts will be shown as a priority in your followers news feeds. They will also be shown to those who are connected to your followers in some way. This helps to boost engagement and gain higher views of your posts. It may also help you to gain new likes. With options starting at only $5 this is an incredibly inexpensive way to advertise.

4. Get More Likes

The more likes you have on your Facebook page, the more people who will see your posts. The more views you get on your posts, the more engagement you are likely to get. Ask for shares, join groups, and remind your customers to give you a like on Facebook when they shop at your store. You’ll be surprised at just how quickly those likes can accumulate.

5. Create A Facebook Offer

This is another option Facebook has come out with recently. Offer your followers a discount of some sort through Facebook. It could be anything- 10% off or a free drink with every meal. Maybe kids get to eat free or get a free $10 gift card with every purchase over $100. People will have to come into your store to use the offer, thus making you some sales.

6. Have Customers Check In

Facebook places allows your customers to check in when they are at your store. Of course you’ll have to ensure you have a full address listed on your page in order for them to do this. Other people will be able to see when their friends have checked in. This may help prompt some additional locals to stop in just because their friends have done so.

7. Properly Fill Out All Information

Here is a big one. You need to fill out your entire profile with all relevant information. Your company name, phone number, physical address, website address, email, and at least a brief description. You will also want to be sure you have a high quality profile picture. Without all of this information people may not be able to contact you.

8. Check Your Settings

Just do a quick settings check. Ensure that all of your posts are visible to the general public. Also make sure that you have it set so your followers are able to message you directly on Facebook. This makes things a lot simpler for everyone involved. For all of your business ventures you should try to leave all possible lines of communication open.

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