Car Accident – Securing Yourself Through the Right Actions

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The world can sometimes be a challenging place. There are a million things that can go wrong and a lot of them come without warning. Such is the case with car accidents. They can happen to anyone, anywhere. Even if you survive the crash without any critical injury, there are other things that can harm you in other ways. You need to know what to do and what not to do at the scene of the car crash. Things that you say or do will determine the course of things that will follow. Let’s help you clear out some doubts and give you some sound advice on what to do and not do at the scene of an accident.

Get Away from the Car

After an accident, a car can be damaged from places that aren’t specifically visible to us at that moment. The damages can cause a fire to start which might result in a huge explosion. So it is best that you get to a safe distance from the car. Try to gather your phone before exiting the car though, as it will be extremely useful for the next few steps. Do not go near the car to gather any other valuables, especially if you see any smoke rising from it.

Stay There

Whatever you do, do not completely leave the scene of the crash. Stay at a distance from where you can see the site clearly.

Get a Copy of the Police Report

Try to obtain the police report as soon as possible. Make sure you dial 911 immediately. Submit the police report in proper detail as it will act as a formal record that might be in your favor. Make sure you document the events in the correct order and do not try to argue with the officers. Arguing with them might land you in trouble, which you pretty sure would have already had enough of.

Don’t Discuss Faults with the Other Party/Parties

It is always nice to be empathetic and caring for the other parties. You should always offer help in any form you can. What you should not do is agree to anything that states that you’re at fault. You should indulge in any verbal altercations either. Maintain your poise. Be helpful. Be humane. But don’t give in to any blame-game.

Keep Sensitive Information to Yourself

Things that you say or information that you give out can very easily be used against you in the things that follow after an accident. According to, you should only share your license, your insurance company name, and their phone number. The attorney also adds that you should totally avoid sharing any information regarding your policy. All the details of your policy should be kept secret from others.

Gather Information

After the accident, don’t quickly rush to know about the other party. Be considerate and try to help them with any injuries or complications. After that, try to politely know their name and address. Once they seem a bit more comfortable, ask for their phone number. When you’re deep in the conversation, try to gather further data like their insurance information and email address. Even though you can easily see the other party’s license plate number it is always polite to ask them before you note it down.

Click Photos

It is extremely essential to document everything about the crash site before the tow truck takes the vehicle away. You obviously can’t memorize every tiny detail so it would be smart to simply record a clear video or click lots of photos. All the damage to your car and the area around the crash site should be saved in photos or videos. Even the other party’s car should be captured properly in photos and make sure the license plate of both vehicles is visible.


There are always bystanders at the crash site who can act like potential witnesses to the accident. You should make an effort to note down their name, address, and phone numbers. Also, if they agree to it, try to click their photos. These witnesses can change the course of all the proceedings that are going to happen after the accident.

Car crashes can be a dangerous and nerve-wracking experience for even the strongest of the people. Immediately after a car crash you would always be quite shaken, but it is essential that you maintain your calm and keep these points in mind. Doing so will ensure that you are not met with any more problems than you already have on your plate.

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