How Cloud Computing Can Benefit Startups

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Founding a startup company isn’t an easy process by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult projects a person can take on. As reported by Forbes, 90 percent of all startups fail.

If you want your startup to succeed, you’re going to need to get a hold of every possible advantage you can. That includes utilizing cutting edge technology to help make your business more efficient and effective. A technology that can certainly provide those benefits is cloud computing. Cloud computing systems are aimed to help you have access to certain software or hardware services such as storage or database via the Internet. Establishing yourself on the cloud, whether you opt for a private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud network architecture for your start-up is an extremely strategic move if you want to improve your IT functionality, as it has many advantages and will give many benefits to your business.

Below are just some of the benefits of cloud hosting for a startup company.

High Accessibility

One of the great benefits of cloud computing for small business is the great accessibility it can provide to business owners, managers and others. With traditional software, you had to have access to the exact machine that software was installed on to use that application. This requires installing software on every computer in an office. It was a laborious process but a necessary one due to how software works.

However, this has changed completely thanks to the advent of cloud computing. Software no longer must be installed on a machine for that machine to have access to that software. Instead, it can be accessed through the internet. A business owner can simply use the internet to access a cloud server somewhere else in the world that has that software installed. The software can then be run as if it was installed on that computer or device.

This process has created great accessibility that was not previously available that the founders and investors of a startup company can now take advantage of. Data and software related to the startup company can be accessed from anywhere. It can be accessed in the office, at home, in a hotel room, on the subway or even on a plane.

Superior Scalability

Another thing founders, investors and others involved in a startup company may ask is how can cloud computing benefit a company for the long term? Cloud hosting doesn’t only provide a short term benefit. You could see increased benefits as your company grows larger and expands. That’s why many companies start with VPS hosting right away due to its ability to scale on demand.

VPS is the acronym for Virtual Private Server. Creating a VPS involves dividing a physical server into different virtual compartments that act completely independent from each other. Combined with other cloud computing strategies, having access to a VPS server can be extremely advantageous. The ability to scale on demand is one of these advantages.

Scalability, in this context, refers to the ability of a cloud host to allocate more resources to a website or service as its demand for those resources increases. This means avoiding downtime and lagging that can be detrimental to revenue for a website, app or online service. As your traffic grows, the VPS cloud hosting will continue to accommodate your progress instead of punishing you for it like would be the case with traditional hosting. Your startup company will be able to grow unimpeded with his set-up, and you’ll avoid some of the roadblocks you would have encountered without this scalability.

Effective Collaboration

Another one of the benefits of choosing cloud hosting for your startup is that cloud computing can greatly improve the ability of team members to collaborate. This is thanks to the fact that cloud powered software can be accessed from anywhere. Team members will not have to share a physical office in order to collaborate on a project, communicate with each other and move that project towards completion.

Cloud powered collaboration software is a powerful tool that a startup business can wield to significantly enhance its productivity. Such software can allow team members to upload data, edit master documents collectively, track progress, schedule work on the project, share constructive feedback and discuss strategy for the project. All of this can be done in real time from the four corners of the globe in a digital workspace provided by the cloud platform.

This kind of collaboration is paramount for the planning and successful launch of different business projects a startup company may take on. It also allows you to gain access to the specialized talent you need for your startup business no matter where they may live. It can do so without forcing you to fund the relocation of team members to near your physical offices. This can cut costs as a result.

Outsourced Infrastructure and Support

What are the benefits of using cloud computing in regards to slashing expenses? There are actually many significant ways that switching to cloud hosting can save money for a startup or any business for that matter. Cloud computing can change computer system infrastructure from a product model and into a service model. What this means is the hardware needed to run software does not have to be kept in-house by that business. Instead, the server hardware and other network infrastructure exist on the host’s end.

This can save you a lot of time and effort. Infrastructure costs such as paying for computer servers can be extremely expensive. Servers also require a lot of effort to maintain. Improperly maintained servers can certainly fail, and that can be catastrophic for your profit margins.

Maintaining that hardware and troubleshooting issues with software also requires the skills and knowledge of information technology experts. These professionals do not come cheap and demand high salaries and generous benefits. However, cloud computing lessens the need for having IT specialists in-house since IT support is handled on the host’s end. This is another reason why cloud hosting can slash costs across the board.

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