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Cost Saving Tip for Start-Ups

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money-matters-865433-m  Congratulations!ย  Starting a new business is a major undertaking! There is so much to consider! What to name the business, getting a web site, how to market and advertise, purchasing inventory, hiring employees. Depending on the type of business, the list can be a long one.ย  The thing that most of these have in common is; you have to contract or hire a company (vendor) to assist you or to complete the task for you.ย  Now you have a whole new dilemma; what vendor do you use?ย  I experienced the same dilemma when I launched my agency, however I have a distinct advantage; the experience and resources to screen people and business, which I did and still do.ย  What I want to know about a company is:

  • How long the vendor been in business and at the current location.
  • The status of their business license and/or professional license.
  • If this company has a civil or criminal record.
  • The type of background screening this vendor does and if the employees subject to any type of drug screening.
  • Inspections?ย  Learn if the vendor is required by law to undergo regular inspections.ย  If so, it is important to know when the last inspection was completed and what the results are.
  • The professional organizations this vendor is a member of.
The fact is, most start-ups simply can not afford a unscrupulous vendor or one who is not qualified or committed to completing the job to your satisfaction, thus vendor screening is an effective risk management tool that can save time, money, and aggravation. How do you get good vendor screening?ย  Well, there are companies that advertise they provide references…really? My first question was, “Who are these references and can they be trusted?” If you are like me you want facts, real facts so an informed decision can be made. How do you find a company that can provide these facts?ย  Honestly few companies offer this service, my agency just happens to be one. As a small business owner myself,ย  and I am always delighted to help others with our screening or find another source for them. It is my belief that starting you own business is the American dream, and you should be able to live it and enjoy.ย 
About the Author:
Sandy Glover founded The Gold Shield Agency, Inc.ย  (A consumer reporting agency) in 2008. She brings 20 years of exemplary law enforcement experience to provide clients with results they can depend on and trust. Sandy is located in Florida but has nationwide screening services. She believes staying current with laws and trends as they apply to screening is important.ย  When she is not working, Sandy is active in sea mammal rescue and fosters feral kittens to get them ready for “forever” homes. Please visitย http://www.goldshieldli.comย to learn more.
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