Inspiring Thoughts

Women have been thriving in the world of business for years now, and it has been great to see. As
Women have always been instrumental catalysts of change in the beauty industry. From early entrepreneurs like Estée Lauder to Emily
It’s 2020, but the wage gap is still a very real issue for women in the United States. Across the
Ask any starry-eyed entrepreneur and they’ll tell you yes, it’s completely possible to change the world as a humble startup.
Any current or future executive should be seeking out words of wisdom from members of the C-suite just about 24/7.
Starting your own business is more challenging than most people expect. Depending on the present market and trends, there are
It’s incredibly easy to think that we’re not good enough. There can be many unjustified reasons for this. Of course,
There’s no one right path to success. Often, the road is windy and confusing. However, by looking at leaders or
Many years ago, the business world was full of men in tailored suits, while women stayed at home to support
Social activist Betty Friedan once said, “The problem that has no name — which is simply the fact that American
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