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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Weekly Wrap-Up (5/4/15)

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To kick off the brand new week, we’re going to start with Gary’s article β€œMarketers Are About to Ruin These 3 Ultra-Effective Tactics”. Gary begins by reminding his readers that he believes marketers ruin β€œeverything” because when something new comes into our world like radio, TV and the internet, marketers see that peoples’ attention is there so they want to use it and that ruins it for everyone else. This is why Gary says it’s incredibly important to be a first mover. The three tactics to begin right now according to Gary are:

Running ads on Pinterest – Gary says that Pinterest‘s ad product is tremendous as it’s a great platform to use for the creation of content for brands. Why? Because users opt in to follow themes, styles and trends wherein they are more open to seeing a wide range of content.

Facebook video – Gary says that if you’re posting videos on YouTube, you also should be posting them on Facebook. He believes that Facebook can become a huge competitor for YouTube when it comes to distributing video content.

The Discover feature on Snapchat – This one is getting big so the time is now to jump on board and especially if you’re targeting the younger crowd within the mobile environment.

In the video β€œSocial Responsibility for Students” Gary was asked for some suggestions on social responsibility on social media by a Twitter follower who has high school kids working to get recruited so they can play college golf. Gary said that the question is an β€œold man question” meaning that social media responsibility has changed. Gary says that fewer and fewer people care about what others share on social media. Gary suggests worrying less about what a student/kid posts on social media and more about raising young people to be responsible.

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