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How to Guarantee Your Star Hire Is Just as They Seem

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It’s always exciting when you find the perfect candidate to bring into your business. You start to think about how they can impact the company positively, how they will bring in more business, and how they can integrate with your existing employees. However, star hires are not always as they seem, and a wrong hire can have disastrous effects for your business. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, here’s how to guarantee your star hire is just as they seem.

Start the Interview as Soon as They Arrive

This isn’t to say start bombarding candidates with questions as soon as they walk through the door. Instead, talk with the receptionist and anybody close by who can study the candidates before the interview ‘officially’ begins. By doing this, you can get an idea of how they act when they do not feel under the microscope, which can help you gauge who they are. If they’re rude or dismissive, it’s a red flag. However, they could be friendly and engaging, which is good to remember if this doesn’t reflect in the interview.

Let Them Ask Questions

The questions you will ask the candidates are obviously highly important, but you shouldn’t spend the whole interview talking. Instead, allow them to ask questions, either throughout the interview or at the end. Different recruiters have different preferences when it comes to this, and you can understand what the candidate’s intentions are from the questions they ask. If they want to know about salary and sick pay straight up, chances are they are not right for the position.

Consider Team Integration

When thinking of hiring anybody, you need to consider how they will integrate with your team. If possible, give them a chance to interact with your team, and even allow them to talk to them away from you. Doing this enables you to get an idea of how personable they are and also whether their personality gels with their potential future colleagues. You can even get them involved in tasks and projects so they can see how things are run around the office, which could also help impact their decision of whether you are the right company for them.

Do a Background Check

If they pass the interview process with flying colors, then it’s easy to get excited. However, before you can bring them aboard, it’s essential to ask them to complete a background check to ensure they are who they seem. It’s unlikely that most applicants will lie about their details, but there is always a chance they are, which could put your company, employees, and clients at risk. Make sure to research how long can a background check take so you can get an idea of when you can let them know when they can get started.

A Star Is Born

It can often take a while to uncover the perfect hire to take your business to the next level, and if you don’t want to get burned again, then remembering these essential points will guarantee that your next hire is your best one yet.

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